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    Is Fehosting down (scranton, USA node)

    It's been down and completely not connect over 12 hours and counting. I already submitted ticket to support and they say

    "we have not heard anything from the DC yet. We are trying to get this taken care of. Please just give us time. Thanks"
    Is anyone in the same location, VPS down like me?

    I think it all hardware node because I cannot control everything, cannot boot reboot it.

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    FeHosting is just a reseller. If you go straight through burst, you will most likely get better up time/service, as FeHosting tends to do something with the VPS'

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    They can be a reseller of burst or renting servers from burst and creating VPSes, check if BurstNet has any network problems, if nothing then it is probably a problem with their hostnode
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