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    Talking New Technology on the horizon...

    Good morning all;

    This morning, I woke up; switched on my PC and opened up my browser. I have several important tab's open immiatly for home pages. And one other is the BBC News Site.

    I was very excited to see the Quantum computing development programme is coming along. I only heard about it about a year ago, and was very avid to keep update on the development of it.

    So, here is a link. I really do urge all webmasters to take a good look. This could well be the future of IT.

    PS: If they are implemented into a working type that can cope with server OS and Kernal, I have every intention to add these new devices to my already working network as soon as they are available!
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    It would take at least a decade for such technology to be fully developed and be actually used in your average dedicated server...For now that would be interesting for the Google/IBM type of multi-nationals. | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    Quantum computing doesn't have much of an application on the desktop, but it has awesome implications for scientific/mathematic applications.
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    Wow this is the future of all computing basically, smaller form factor, less heat and less electricity. I do think that once this is fully functional the NSA and the government will probably utilize it first and perhaps monopolize it for a while until they break all encryptions.

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