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    * Looking for Sales Reps


    We are seeking people who have a proven ability in sales and would like to succeed in business, we have a number of vacancies within our sales team to which we are looking to build on, we need the best.

    What were looking for someone who has no issue in telling me if we are getting it wrong and need to change something, I will ask you to explain this. The ideal candidate will need to speak excellent English other languages a bonus you would be working remotely. Your job would be to obtain signupís for our services the more you sign up the more you make.

    What I am looking for as in a person.

    We are launching new services all the time, I am committed to building the business offering up, we are mainly aiming at business as well as the home consumer. My core goal is 100% uptime with getting it right the first time.

    You should be located in the UK/US or Canada as this is where my long term business goals lay.

    What I am offering the right person/people

    During the first few monthís I am offering the right candidates the following I will offer you 50% commission on profits you make directly for the company. Should your ability prove great over time I would be looking to change your role from commission based to an employee of the company subject to sales levels. The commission payout works as follows.

    You sell how many packages per month you get 50% of the profit made, I am willing to discuss this further, then beyond the 1st month if they stay signed up you would then continue to get 35% commission each month.

    I am soon launching ADSL Business grade internet this has the option of offering someone a very well paid commission more than you normally see in this industry that as for introducing the customer could see you net as much as £50 per sign up on a one off payment basis in arrears.

    If your interested email me [email protected] or PM me here thank you.

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