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    cloud hosting Vs dedicated hosting

    Hi please let me know about cloud hosting vs dedicated hosting that which is the best approach for a dynamic and interactive website?

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    I would like to go with cloud hosting. It is good for dynamic and interactive websites.

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    This very much depends on what your website will be doing and also how much you'd like to pay.

    If your website is a large money generating website I'd suggest you really want to be looking at some sort of hardware that is dedicated and customised to your websites exact specifications.

    If its a small website then both cloud hosting and dedicated hosting would be fine how ever you have a large choice of providers and you should simply contact a few of the sales departments of the companies you are interested in using and see which will be a good fit for you.

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    I'd go first with VPS and gradually upgrade when the need arises.

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    Yes unless u are running out of resources on a VPS, no point going for Dedicated. So VPS will be first option.
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  6. Definitely stick with cloud if you're going for an interactive site. The cloud is great for the development and sustainment of apps and software and its also good for scalability. so if youre site starts getting more traffic its easy to increase your data transfer capacity etc.

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    Dedicated has a few advantages, Cloud Servers have a lot more advantages. At the end of the day your exact needs are going to determine which is the best fit for you but as Cloud evolves we're seeing it continually edge above non-Cloud Dedicated servers at a rapid pace.

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