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    looking for a good Netherlands dedicated server


    I'm looking for a Windows 2003 dedicated server in "Holland" with these spec:

    1- single proccessor is enough.
    2- 128 extra IPs
    3- more than 1000gb BW
    4- port 100mb
    5- 1gb Ram
    6- low capacity HDD
    7- Prices: lees than $150/m

    any offer?
    please DON'T introduce ecatel!

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    128 IPs for under $150 including hardware and bandwidth? That's a challenge. Why do you need so many IPs?

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    128 IPs???? then you need solid explanation
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    wow dedicated with 128IP??? it is cool i think.
    maybe u will hard to find the data centre which have u need.

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    It might be a good idea to explain to us what the 128 IPs will be needed for.
    The budget is rather low for your demands, so I think you better increase it.

    Keep in mind, now that ipv4 is running out, it's very hard getting these kind of IPs unless you have a very valid explenation for them. - Online in no time
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    ^ Very true. You need to increase your budget and if possible tell us why you need 128 IPs .

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    Windows + 1 CPU + only 1 GB RAM and 128 IPs....

    That leaves us with (dedicated IP) proxy/VPN only, no?

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    Each IP in Europe will cost 1 EURO per month, considering the requested amount of IPs, it can be discounted a bit but not less than 0.5 EURO per month as per my experience.

    You are looking at minimum of 64Euro for IPs only which will result in approx. $90/mo.

    Now considering the hardware, cheapest I found was Leaseweb which does not offer that much of IPs on one dedicated server but even if they do, you are looking at 50 Euro/mo. (approx. $70/mo) for a server with single core AMD and 1GB RAM.

    Total will be $160/mo. for a server with BEST possible discount in Netherlands even if they do that much of IPs and IF you have a perfect justification in hand.

    My suggestion: increase the budget, at least double it up

    - Aria

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