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    Utilizing Twitter Account

    The past few months have been very exciting for me! I have come a long way in the formation of my web hosting firm. I've got to say, it has been tough, but I didn't expect anything less! I have marked dozens of items off my to-do list, and now I am getting at the smaller things that I'd like to do before I launch.

    I really would like to utilize Twitter to communicate with clients and followers. Do you use Twitter to socialize about your business? What was your very first tweet about? I thought about making my first tweet on the day that I launch, or I could tweet about the progress that I've made in the formation of my company. Would you recommend this? Perhaps it would stir a little curiosity and excitement for the followers that I currently have?

    What are your views on Twitter and using it in conjunction with your business?

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    Twitter is good, we are using twitter from last 4 month now with facebook and linkedin. Facebook have the maximum follower but we are using facebook much early then twitter and twitter follower are growing much faster.

    Our first tweet was " We Are Now Twitting "
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