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    NfoServers 2 Month Review

    Hello Fellow WHTers,
    I wanted to take a few minutes and post a hopefully helpful review as a way of giving back to the community that has helped me. I have currently had a VDS (Virtual Dedicated System) with NfoServers for a few days short of two months and wanted to give a review. This is a followup to the one month review located HERE

    Well not much has changed in the month since the last review. I have had a cumulative total of 7 minutes of downtime due to DDOS attacks in the last 2 months. There were two separate attacks that affected my server and both were handled very quick and information was posted within minutes to my control panel events section. I understand that DDOS is a pain to mitigate/detect but I have to say I am impressed but the level of transparency and quick action on NFO's part. It is actually refreshing.

    I have had zero downtime issues except for the aforementioned DDOS outages (2 seperate outages for a couple minutes a piece). The server hardware has been amazing. I have rented $200/month dedicated servers that performed worse than this hardware/network combo.

    Throughput from the server is outstanding which for me means being able to max out my 30 Meg connection at home anytime of the day or night. I was honestly quite skeptical about the pure internap bandwidth that was so highly promoted but it has exceeded expectations. I live in the DFW area and the ping to my server is consistently 8ms. This is the lowest ping from any of the VPS/Dedicated servers I have had, even those also hosted in Dallas.

    This VDS runs on the XEN platform and I have have had no issues or annoyances with it. I use CSF Firewall which can be picky about kernel modules on VZ but no problems on XEN.

    The disk io is a raid array and has been exceptional for my uses. I run a small family website and a few hobby sites. The family website uses a gallery2 install and a mysql database and the page load time for 20 images is about four tenths of a second (0.4 sec). More than that it is consistently that speed, no slowdowns during peak hours etc.

    The control panel has been very user friendly and easy to use as well. It is a in house control panel with all the necessary feature from bw graphs to reinstalling OS's including virtual media drives. I have found no fault with it.

    The thing that really made me feel looked after is that one day after some particular high bw usage, bursting to 150mbps for some transfers, I received an email in which John, the founder of the company, was just checking to make sure I wasn't having any problems with the VDS or experiencing an attack of some sort. There was no malicious intent or warning included, just checking to make sure everything was kosher. I would expect this from a managed hosting company but NFO is unmanaged (for my particular plan at least).

    I have been extremely satisfied with them and despite appearing to be a specialty gameserver hosting company they do a great job for your standard VDS/VPS system as well. The are definitely not a budget provider but the hardware, service, and support are worth the extra little bit of money considering. Thanks NFO and looking forward to doing business with you for a long time to come.

    The Family Garrison

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully it helps someone else...


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    Great review! Glad to hear things are going well for you.

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    NFO are good in my book
    I hope they not gonna change there quality of service.

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