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    How many chat assistants? Really...

    Hostgator chat always says something like, "There are 14 people ahead of you. There are 94 chat assistants and 6 helping other customers". I just chatted with WestHost and asked them how many assistants they have. They said "We have a number of people who answer telephones and chats".

    Thats a BIGGGGGGGG difference in the chat picture. So how many chat assistances do you think these places REALLY have? I am not happy with Hostgator but I will say that they answer chats VERY FAST. I never waited more than a couple minutes. WestHost does not say where you are in the wait line and my first 4 chat attempts resulted in a 15 minute wait before I gave up. The assistant I just chatted with said the wait is never very long. Hmmmmmm. Me smells a load of bull....

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    I just wanted to comment and say if you've waited 15 minutes, 4 seperate times, move on. They don't deserve your business and it's likely a little glimpse into your future chat attempts.

    Keep searching.

    Why are you looking for a new host? Are you unhappy with HostGator?

    Best of luck.

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    I was very happy with Hostgator for the month I was with them learning to set up my site. But It got so I could not upload any photos because of their 64mg php memory limit.

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    WestHost uses LivePerson for chat which also gives average chat wait time. The average wait time (time before someone picked up the chat) was 19 seconds. This looks great but does not indicate the level of support because a chat is usually picked up and could theoretically sit without this number going up. The more important number is average response time (the time between responses after the initial pick up), which is 1m 43s for the team. There were two tech reps who had a max wait time if 10m 48s and 8m 52s but that could have been for a number of reasons. I am sorry that it was slow for you when you tried to chat and would be happy to personally help you out.

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    It did not occur to me that the chat function could operate different with a member than a non member. It did not give me a "wait time" but I am not a member. I was just fishing for info in anticipation of signing up. I did get my questions answered and West Host sounds like a pretty good deal. I just regret that I need to buy 3 months at a time. I might need to wait a week or 2 to sign up. Drat! O well, I'll get there :-)

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    If the 3 month thing is bogging you down I can totally help with that. I have to be careful about promoting WestHost on here but hopefully it's OK for me to offer you a coupon code to help out I don't have a way to make a personal contact but you can get me on Twitter... @westhost.

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    You are straddling that fence so close, your nuggets must be feeling discomfort.

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    I think it depends upon company's operation. It can range from just a couple to somewhere in hundreds.

    We have around 5-10 agents at any given time, as we are not as big as hostgator. - Business Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Fast VPS Hosting Best India Web Hosting Provider. India Web Hosting
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    Quote Originally Posted by eHostPros View Post
    I think it depends upon company's operation. It can range from just a couple to somewhere in hundreds.

    We have around 5-10 agents at any given time, as we are not as big as hostgator.
    There are peak hours could be and in any case in those hours any system will have some delays.
    Of course that is not good idea to have a lot of chat representatives and keep them without any work most of time.
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