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    Dedicated Server for testing and learning

    What would be the best option in terms of price and performance. I want to learn and test the running of multiple VPS's. Is getting a dedicated server from one of the providers a better option than just buying hardware and setting it up locally. Any inputs / advice would be appreciated!

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    Well, if it's only for testing, you can just put the server next to you and test when you want. No need to turn it on day and night, only when you are testing.

    You could also rent a server, but if it's only for testing purposes I don't see the point.
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    Thanks for the reply - you have an impressive lineup of products and services. Another question would a low end server be as good as a couple of VPS's from providers such as slice / linode / 6sync. Is the learning curve too steep to set them up to serve what a VPS would in a short amount of time? Perhaps very naive queries.

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    I agree that to learn virtualization software, installing it on a spare computer will be the best. You'll learn the ins and outs.

    As for your comparison question, you’ll want to compare the disk, processor, and network. A low-end server may have slower disk IO than a quality VPS host server (single SATA disks versus multiple SAS). It may also have a slower processor (Intel Core or Atom versus Xeon). However, the quality VPS host will have multiple VPSs, which may negate its sheer hardware advantage.

    What do you intend to do?
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