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    cPanel Bug Resolution Speed

    I'm curious for those running cPanel how quickly have you had bugs you've reported resolved?

    We've had various bug reports late November and early December 2010 unresolved. We had a most recent report resolved quickly although not sure why it seemed as trivial as some of these other bugs. The closest thing to unresolved bugs is will be resolved in 11.30 which has no ETA on it. So based on usual release times I'd say look at at least September before 11.30. That puts a good chunk of these bugs being around for 8-12 months.

    So curious those on WHT how quickly do your reports turn into fixed bugs? If it's relatively quickly what is your secret?

    For those curious about the bugs we've encountered:

    Reseller IP delegation persistence

    Using the GUI features it no longer checks off currently delegated IP's when re-visiting the page. You need to do all the IP assignments for the reseller again along with the additional IP you may be assigning. It was not like this previously and showed up in a random 11.28 revision. The best solution I see right this moment is to modify /var/cpanel/dips directly if you need to use this feature and wish to avoid human error. The current ETA for resolution of this is 11.30.

    Various SpamAssassin functions broken from jail shell

    Starting in 11.28 spam assassin functions are broken from jail shell. Users can no longer use functions like sa-learn to improve their filtering. No ETA

    Unable to send mail from jail shell
    PHP, Perl, Ruby etc. are unable to send mail in 11.28 from jail shell they receive an error about cpaneleximfilter. This is only resolved in unreleased 11.30. There is no word on if they will backport this fix. There is a workaround in the mean time which resolves this. Why it's not being implemented in 11.28 I don't know. It make things easier than having to tell VPS users to modify cPanel files to resolve this bug.

    Wildcard Certificate Handling

    As of 11.28 this is broken. The mail configuration page and other pages previously when suggesting SSL gave an incorrect suggestion of or In 11.28 it switched to SSL cert name the problem is a wildcard cert is * The solution is to modify /var/cpanel/ssl/ files so /var/cpanel/ssl/dovecot-CN for example. There is no ETA on an actual resolution to this problem so it does not come up. This one is not bad one can solve with a script to modify these to reflect hostnames not cert name.

    Email filtering importing does not work

    cPanel users are unable to import email filters. It throws errors when using the feature. This is fixed in 11.30 and as far as I know will not be backported to 11.28 either.

    I don't even think that's all of them. It's just all I have sitting in my notes right this moment. If anyone has any others waiting on fixes or been told fixed in 11.30 or no ETA feel free to post them here as well. I'm curious just how many are causing problems for us and we're not aware because it's user end and no user complaints or we've just been ignoring them.
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