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    This is strictly an "advice" question. I am looking at installing a Cisco ASA or Cisco Pix firewall in front of my entire network. My network consists of most VPS Nodes at the moment but with plans for expansion for dedicated servers in the future.

    While I'm familiar with the ASA and PIX - the way SolusVM assigns IPs and how it would work without 1-1 NATs kinda confuses me.

    Do you have any recommendations for setting up a firewall in front of VPSs nodes? Obviously I'd start with an any-any rule and lock it down from there.

    I appreciate your time.

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    I would use an ASA but don't use NAT. Just route to public IPs on the VPSs.
    Thats what most of out customers do with their ASAs.

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    I agree. Don't do NAT in a hosted evironment. Since I cannot post a link to my own site (even though it's the top result in a google search) take a look at this: 9453a65

    That is how I am using public IP addresses for VPSs.

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