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    Best West Coast SAS70 II colo?

    Can anyone recommend a good colo that has a great low latency network on the west coast? Is there a good colo directory out there?


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    Best, and most expensive: Equinix, 11 Great Oaks, San Jose

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    Internap in California?

    Peer1 Seattle?

    Wouldn't recommend anything in Oregon vs Washington/Seattle as most Tier 1 providers peer in Seattle
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    Quote Originally Posted by Techee View Post
    Best, and most expensive: Equinix, 11 Great Oaks, San Jose
    Our new west coast location is at 11 Great Oaks in San Jose, and they're very serious about their security policies. For someone that's concerned about SAS70, I assume the OP is looking for an enterprisey type of place, and this location certainly fits the bill.
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