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    Please suggest configuration

    Hey champs...

    Can you please suggest me an idea configuration for server ?

    I want to setup a server which can handle at most 5000 users (worst case) at a time...

    Following is the processing that server needs to perform
    1) Authenticate user.
    2) Accept data from user
    3) Perform mathematical calculations on data.
    4) Generate a report of the obtained result.
    5) Generate a pdf file of that report and mail it to the user.

    Waiting for your valuable suggestions.

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    I suggest going for a server with a lot of CPU power, since you mention it needs to do quite some calculation and generating of reports.
    If you store everything in a database I also suggest going with enough memory.

    Maybe have a look at the 2x E5620 Xeons? Start with 12 or 24 GB RAM and expand in case it's not enough - Online in no time
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    Hey thanks

    I mentioned mathematical calculation, but it is not that complex.
    Also to be specific these calculations involve simple divisions and multiplications.
    And in case of reports, i generate an HTML table from php and then convert this html to pdf.

    Will this affect your suggested configuration ?

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    high end xeon processor with turbo boost and about 12 Gb RAM will be enough.
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