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    Need AntiDDoS Server


    I need antiddos server which come with powerfull antiddos protection, Should be able to protect to many kind of attack, please <<make a recommendation only>>
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    How big are the ddos attacks? in terms of packets per second / bandwidth ? ddos protection price varies depending on those 2 parameters.

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    I would strongly suggest using a search engine and look for providers who specialize in ddos protection. There are firewalls and IP adjustments, but a full scale attack will probably force an IP to be nulled. Most host I know of will shy away from a client who is going to be bringing that type of problem into there network. Best of luck!
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    I need a dedicated server that can provide attack at least 1-5Gbps, anyone know where i need to find this dedicated server?

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    try blacklotus , they are very good - Own data center operator in europe since 2005
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