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    NordicVPS better than YardVPS in Tech (at least IPv6)

    More than a MONTH ago I've posted an issue about IPv6 problem with YardVPS ($15/yr vz): I can ping through IPv6 addr, and I can login SSH with IPv6, but I can't visit http://[IPv6 addr] through Browser. Also I put OpenVPN listening to 53 port which also can't connect through IPv6.

    This morning I woke up, the same thing happened to my NordicVPS ($35/yr egi vz), I sent a ticket to NordicVPS and explained what happened later. Within a FEW minutes, Sean solved the problem!
    But YardVPS, until now, I can't visit my vps through IPv6, which quote "There are some issues with IPv6 on our LEAF plans. Please use the TREE plans until IPv6 issued are completely resolved."

    So, I've been in a satisfied experience with NordicVPS. Althought they are losing money everyday on my plan, but Sean did really great in tech and service. Hope YardVPS can solve the problem soon! (I've been waiting for over one month..)

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    I have a Xen box having IPv6-enabled with YardVPS, and it works properly for IPv6.
    Evorack also have enabled native IPv6, they assigned me a subnet /64 for free.

    If you have problem with IPv6 on OpenVZ, you should switch to Xen for a proper config. - a modest place for vps offers by sim so dep

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    Yes I have a xen with them

    I just want IPv6 working out for OpenVZ

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    -- They where one of the first to release the full native IPv6 on OpenVZ and also be able to have the IPv6 RDNS Feature within there control panel SolusVM.

    I would check them out,

    Keep us updated (:

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    yes I have a lot of vps with buyvm and they work great

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