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    low maintenance reseller

    I'm a web designer / developer who just started a company. One service I'd like to offer is hosting, since most of my clients prefer not worry about it themselves. Most of the sites I build are on wordpress or drupal, so php and mysql are required. Most if not all media is external (youtube, vimeo). So my requirements are fairly simple. I'm familiar with cpanel & whm. Having fantastico would be a plus. I'd like something dependable that wouldn't require too much maintenance, but really don't need to invest in anything extravagant, so lower cost would be nice. What do you recommend?

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    It looks like your requirements are quite minimal and most hosting companies wouldn't have a problem fulfilling them. However, since you are hosting your clients' websites, you might want to further refine your requirements to better their benefits. This can include the location of the server (US/UK/Asia) or any backup services which might be helpful. Have you taken a look in the Reseller Hosting Offers section? - Stellar Shared and Reseller Hosting
    Features: LiteSpeed Powered | R1Soft Backup (6 hourly) | RVSiteBuilder Pro | Jailed SSH Access
    Guarantees: 24/7/365 Stellar Support | 30 Days Money Back | 99.9% Uptime SLA

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    sir if you want to build up a business so why you choosing low maintenance reseller get good reseller hosting there is lots of reseller hosting sites who give there package in very cheap rates.just google it out.

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    What sort of budget do you have for this? This will help us to make a few recommendations for you based on your needs - Hosting websites since 1999!
    Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers
    End-User Support, WHMCS, and WHMReseller Available on Reseller Plans!
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    Thanks for all the fast replies. I've seen some hosts through searching on google for $20 or $30 that sounded great and had everything I needed, but I really didn't know how dependable they would be at that rate and am too unfamiliar with this to jump in head first. I mostly wouldn't want to have websites getting down time. Localizing hosts wouldn't necessarily help as my clients are worldwide and also have visitors worldwide.

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    Is your budget $20-30 or is that just want you found on google?

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    Oh, wasn't clear. I was hoping for that price range, I'm assuming any lower is just junk. This is a perk I'm offering and don't want to ruin myself. But I could go up to $40 a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamalaball View Post
    Oh, wasn't clear. I was hoping for that price range, I'm assuming any lower is just junk. This is a perk I'm offering and don't want to ruin myself. But I could go up to $40 a month.
    I was with for 7 years, starting at their $13 a month reseller account. Very stable and extremely fast response to support tickets. They specialize ONLY in reseller hosting. They are not for newbies, but the support forums (open to the public) are very helpful. The $27 a month account would probably work fine for you. I had to leave due to a forum getting quite busy, and wanting to upgrade that site, so I moved to a VPS with MDDHosting (I can also recommend them based on support and knowledge levels; I have not tried their reseller plans).

    I have never had a lot of luck with prior "big hosts", and prefer to be at company with a track record but still small enough to know the owner.

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