Hello. We currently have a domain we have grabbed this year that we are currently interested in accepting offers for..

There currently is a small amount of traffic directed to it, It does have some search engine results under different terms.

The domain has "VPS" in the name, it is a 8 letter .net domain (including the VPS).

We have used it as a unmanaged brand for Virtual Servers and it does have 7 clients that are on our servers and through our client area but we are also interested in getting rid of the domain.

It's great for VPS markets, VPS Companys, VPS Review companys, and more virtual server related things.

When contacting me about the domain through (email: [email protected]) and/or (Private Message) I will provide you the domain and more information about it and you can provide your offer. I currently don't have no set price that I want I'm only looking for offers!

Waiting to hear from you guy's!