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    Exclamation [Question] Ecommerse Website.

    Well, Hello everyone. I'm not sure if I've done well opening this thread in correct section of forum, but I hope Moder/Admin will move it to proper one, but won't delete, Because I need your suggestions very much.
    I've got exclusive rights from new comer company of BEE products to sell their products in online. So I need suggestions about your ideas. As I'm not as experienced in this part of INET, I'm going for Free E-Commerse engines to start my bussines on. As, you can understand I can't risk.
    issue is that, 99% of products are aimed for usual members who prefer to pay IRL(In real life, by real shipping), and dont know how to do it online. (In my country its not that developed)
    So I'd wanted to ask you if you know any engine which have all those features, what e.i. PestaShop has, but without all PAY actions in it. So simply I just want customers can view products in NICE way and also had Basket to do calculations of overall price of products.
    Is there any system like this, or any modifications for Free E-commerce engines?
    I'm looking forward to get any kind of suggestions. Thanks.

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    I'd recommend TomatoCart or Magento(community version is free). TomatoCart is OsCommerce but it was updated and given a new look.

    Good luck!

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    +1 for Magento -

    If you have a small budget that you can use to spend on your new store you might also want to take a look at LemonStand - right at $300, but it's a great system and is very easy to use and maintain.

    Magento is an excellent ecommerce platform, but it is a platform and it can be rather difficult for the newcomer to quickly grasp. You'll likely need a bit of help with this software so keep that in mind. - Performance Hosting Solutions: - - -

    Check out our Site Showcase for more big brand examples!

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    When you install prestashop you can choose just catalog functions all the buy now or store options are removed you can activate the store functions later.
    Also Opencart is easy to leave it as a catalog only.

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    Can you please explain...
    How would turning off 'buy now' or 'store options' resolve the matter? Sulupa clearly states he wants the catalog or gallery functionality but also the cart(basket) for placing orders.

    With OpenCart you have to buy an addon ($5-$10) to process orders without going thru a gateway or else you'd script such an option for yourself...

    I'm in a similar predicament... and here the thread

    It seems to me that all shopping-carts are pretty bent on ushering customers thru some payment-gateway - phone-payment seems discouraged, but that may be my wrong impression..


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    I think PrestaShop has an Offline Payment module, or Bank Transfer payment which you can rename in case you need to.

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    I'd love to understand why Prestashop is so much more expensive than say OpenCart, VitueMart, TomatoCart, etc, when it comes to the modules...

    Zeuscart may suite some but I don't care for their business model.

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    What the OP means I think that he want only catalog with products without the paying

    What the OP means I think that he want only catalog with products and prices without the paying option - this thing is available "out of the box" ?

    Prestashop is a european product with mostly european users, Maybe for that it is more Expensive.
    for me it was quite difficult to understand and to adujst,
    And had ... (Maybe in new versions is not like that).

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