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    Windows Expert needed

    For months I have been plagued with this TS Profile error

    Windows cannot copy file \\servername\TSProfiles$\user\file to location C:\Documents and Settings\user\file. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator.

    Or if not that error then terminal users that would not remember outlook email settings. When you open outlook you get the new configuration setup.

    Using calc fixed a lot of this


    cacls Redirect\%1 /T /E /P "Administrators":F
    cacls Redirect\%1 /T /E /P SYSTEM:F
    cacls Redirect\%1 /T /E /P %1:F
    REM Set owner back to UserName
    subinacl.exe /noverbose /subdirectories Redirect\%1\*.* /setowner=%1

    cacls TSProfiles\user /T /E /P "Administrators":F
    cacls TSPRofiles\user /T /E /P SYSTEM:F
    cacls TSProfiles\user /T /E /P %1:F
    REM Set owner back to UserName
    subinacl.exe /noverbose /subdirectories TSPRofiles\user\*.* /setowner=%1

    If I can get the TS error one time after a permission reset, rename the profile on the session server to something else then relog them again and I can rebuild the profile and it will stay.

    Thats one way but its not permenant.

    The second was this.

    Removing the shortcut link to ADP which is a timeclock employees use to clock in with on the internet and changing it to something else stopped a lot of the profile and redirect errors.

    Now my current problem is outlook settings are not staying. Employee logs in, opens outlook and it will ask for username and server settings. This is getting annoying and tiring

    I have 14 terminal servers in one office that does not have this problem. The other 12 are located at remote locations that have this problem. All are Windows 2003 R2 running on ESXi 4.1

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    A warning to anyone, interested in helping this guy:

    (1) He was supposed to pay $150 for services rendered to him (by me). Since then (its several days now), he has not been seen on skype, refuses to reply to my emails, refuses to pay the invoice sent to him (three times).

    He was billed because he asked me to investigate the issues, which i did, i found the problems, and i told him how to fix the problems.

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