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    After reading some recommendations here we were looking at joining their partner program. Today it seems planetdomain have been hacked.

    Were they running a Microsoft web server?

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    HAHA!LOL that is funny!
    "Were Am I?"

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    They URLs don't load for me

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    They probably took it down so they don't get anymore people seeing how they got "0wn3d"
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    One of the webhosts co-lo'd in our NOC got one of his NT b0xors 0wn3d on Friday by someone calling himself 2001.

    Quite tastefully done actually, little chinese flag waving and a brief political message about the evils of american hegemony.

    He's since installed the security patches that were previously released to spackle over whatever particular hole this person was exploiting.

    And then (surprise, surprise) it wouldn't come back up when he tried to reboot it, so yours truly's emergency pager went off Saturday (doing wonders for my post-Manray hangover), and I had to shag it into the office to push the restart button.
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    dangit!!! I never see any sites that have been hacked!!!Missing out on all of the fun

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    PlanetDomain runs IIS5.0 (Win2000).

    Looks like that well-known vulnerability has been put to "good" use.......
    My 2 Cents.... (or is that 2.2 cents inc. GST...?)

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    little chinese flag?

    Must be the L1on crew (h.u.c)

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    Originally posted by hcarlson3
    dangit!!! I never see any sites that have been hacked!!!Missing out on all of the fun
    I guess one and half year ago I saw one site hacked. The hacker placed an adult hardcore picture on the main page and wrote the following lines below

    "this is what this company is doing to us (customer)"

    But it was for less then an hour since after some time when I tried to show it to one of my friend it was gone.
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