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Training Syllabus
Table base HTML
CSS(Div base HTML)
Working on live projects

1. Basics of HTML: how to write it, what it is, the difference between HTML and XHTML
2. Basic text: paragraphs, line breaks, headings, strong and emphasized text.
3. More text: quotations, pre-formatted text, and rule lines.
4. Typography: changing the font size, family, and color.
Plus information about using color in Web Design and adding in special characters to your pages.
5. Lists: numbered lists, bulleted lists, and definition lists.
6. Images: using graphics on Web pages, uploading graphics, adding photos, making them small.
7. Links: creating and using links, both internal (bookmarks) and external. Plus image maps and how to create them.
9. Frames: what they are and how to build a framed Web page.
10. Forms: adding interactivity to your Web pages.
11. Basics of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet): how to create and write it?
12. Types of cascading style sheet.
13. How to create a CSS BOX MODE (div, margin, padding, float etc.)

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