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Thread: plz i need help

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    plz i need help

    hello every member here
    actually i like this web site coz it provide the user with best information in web hosting

    i am doing business plan for small web hosting company

    and i faced many problem in finical plan
    the requirement for the finical plan is

    cash flow
    income statement

    I hope i can find simple finical plan for web hosting
    what is the requirement for it
    what i need to bay such as servers or domain names .. etc

    plz provide me as soon as possible

    all regard

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    It is not an easy task to running a web hosting company and therefore it needs lots of home work to get success in this field. There is too much competition as well. I found two good article regarding starting a web hosting company. I hope these will help you to get solution that you are looking for.!

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    thanx alot for the two links it's really good

    but my problem now is the financial plan

    as i note in the topic

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