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    Need VPS for search engines: cracks,torrents,adult. not for illegal files

    no illegal files, just pure html.
    no exe, no malware, no torrent file hosting.
    adult - thumbs parsed from biggest tubes, 2257 ok.

    search engine, ads and nothing more

    need vps anywhere with adequate support. there were no problems with abuses before but i dont want my vds switched off etc because of unknown spam-looking message and extranervous support.

    before - hosted in holland, no problems.

    so i need about 50-100gb space, 0.5-1gb ram, and 10 ip
    preferred price total 20-30 usd

    spam me please with good providers)))

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    Don't say spam you because then you would want to un spam .

    We need some more answers before we can provide you with a provider.

    You said you were previously hosted in holland. Where would you like to be hosted now? Control Panel? Managed or Un managed VPS?

    - Daniel
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    Also, the technical justification as to why your site needs 10 IPs would be entertaining.
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    usa if possible, if not -europe
    no control panel, unmanaged

    some us hosters say they dont like crack and torrents in any kind, and they dont differ if i host real content, or just search engine with outgoing links

    i have several sites. 1 ip - 1 site

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    I can't find many provider that allows legal adult. Also, search on Google or WHT - By using the search function.

    Try VPSFuze, they may be have plans suitable for you. USA located (Portland,Oregon)

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    may be there are very few provider for who allowed adult web hosting.

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