We are selling at this point only our premium space with premium network optimized for performance!
Located at 55 Marietta with almost 20 Tier 1 providers in the building and 60+ providers in the building across (Telx) we have almost unlimited access to the best available providers in US and in the World. Put on the top our FCP 10Gx (the best available network optimizer) optimizing our network for performance (and routers/switches, capable of pushing hundreds of Gb/s) and you'll get our Premium network which we sell almost 50% cheaper than our competitors (if any, at least in this area).

Specials are published at http://homecom.com/offerings.php

A very hot offer (based on the market response) is $750 monthly for a 42U cabinet with 20AMP/110V and 10 Mb/s of Premium bandwidth (raised floor, A/B power available, redundant network drops available) with 2N, N+1 support infrastructure.

1U starts from $50 per month, but with contract we can do first 2 month for $30 per month (still on Premium bandwidth).
We have also specials for new gen MacMinis - just give us a call.

UP TO 15 MINUTES REMOTE HANDS are FREE during 9 - 6 Eastern Time. Sometimes even more free stuff is included, like server's install, etc.

You are welcome to bring your IP space or even your ASN - we can accommodate all your needs.

We have also roof rights - we can help you out here too.

Please get in touch with us via [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-59TULIX

Your will get a phone support, ticket support, live chat support and phone support. Team of our technicians will be help you with any technical needs.

We can provide starting from 1 Mb/s up to 1Gb/s, including multiple 1 Gb/s connection per server (we have such customers already).

You will get a warm, friendly environment where everybody will try to do the best job on providing the best service to you. International customers are welcome - we have multilingual (4+ languages) support. Again, our network is perfect for International customers, since our optimizer chooses the best routes to any point of the Internet in the World.

Starting from 1U (or MacMini new gen) up to 14 cabinets - we are welcoming everybody in our own data centers.

If anybody needs a private data center - we can help you out with that too. We have available (fully equipped and read to go) small data centers for you.