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    [About Us]
    Spoiling websites since 2010… that doesn’t sound overly long does it? Don’t worry, EvenDivide is just our company name. What really makes things tick around here is our dedicated owners and staff. Some bringing 10+ years of industry experience with them, each member of our staff is here for a purpose… making you feel 100% comfortable and happy at all times. We plan to accomplish this through our interactions, service reliability and general care for you and your company.

    A legal division of Layer Cube Technologies Inc., EvenDivide is operated by a company with a proven track record and upstanding history. Layer Cube has been owned and operated by the original owners since its establishment in 2004. What does this mean for you? We’re not a fly-by-night operation. We aren’t going to take your yearly payment and be gone 3 months later. Instead, we’re going to service you to the best of our abilities, make good on our promises and hopefully build a personal relationship with you.

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    I'm going to save everyone the pasting of our plans, explanations on why we're better than everyone else here, etc.

    If you like what you've read, please head on over to and continue reading.

    Myself and my partner are available for assistance 24/7 via our website, WHT or whatever other method you prefer.

    Have a fantastic day!
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