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    host adult forum/blog ?


    if i create a forum or blog,

    and people post adult movie download link on it,

    but those downloaded files may have copyright issue,

    is it legal for me(webmaster) ?

    because i find many forums and blogs do this kind of content,

    do you know any company accept this website ?


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    You need offshore hosting for that (but must ask them that they allow these things or not)

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    I'm not sure if providing a link to content is legal or illegal, but the problem is the "hassle factor" of doing so even IF it is legal.

    "Legal" generally means you can do it without being fined or prosecuted. But the "hassle factor" I'm thinking of is the civil lawsuit you might get from the content owners.

    Usually they just ask your host to take your site down, and the host comes to you and either suspends your account or asks you to remove the content. If you're a small website, that's usually all they will do. But if they decide to "make an example of you", they could sue you for whatever outrageous damages their lawyers can dream up. And you have to defend against that suit, or have a default judgement entered against you.

    So that's the risk calculation, in my view. Legal, yeah probably the FBI isn't going to break down your door for linking to content. But a civil case can be just as much hassle.

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    Providing a link to acquire copyright protected content is still facilitating the copyright infringement, therefore you will face issues.

    Don't do it

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