As streaming experts we can help you out to grown your business. If you need anything, related to streaming, like live streaming to PC/Mac, mobile devices (iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android) or set top boxes - we can provide these services for you.

We can help you out with configuring your equipment (remotely) to stream via our streaming cloud to the World!

We are doing also True Streaming for prerecorded content, when your viewers will watch prerecorded like live (quick start, no buffering, no downloads).

We can build mobile apps for all three major platforms so that they will show up in the AppStore, Marketplace and AppWorld. Your content may be searchable in all App stores on all phones!

5 - 8 Mb/s per stream is not a problem - with our optimized network we can stream to any point of the World with the best available quality - our network optimizer will find the best route to each viewer's network dynamically.

We have number of resellers in different countries - if you are interested to become one - don't hesitate - get in touch with us regarding being a reseller or just refer business to us and you'll get monthly payments!

Plans are starting from $35 without hard limits - while other companies are selling 40 GB of traffic for $99 per month ( we are providing 1,000GB or more of traffic for a third of the price (we don't have to pay back to greedy investors back

With larger plans you'll get detailed stats on the streaming usage.

We do provide native (Mac based) HTTP Live streaming for live streaming to apps for iPhone/iPads (even if you build the app yourself). As we've recently found out the same technology is being used for Roku devices.

We can do native Flash password protection (built into Flash) with or without e-commerse (so called DRM) - very inexpensive (starts with $.50 per login per month)

If you don't know what is online DVR - it is amazing - you can watch online up to 30 days back (imagine a true streamed content to you, but so that you'll be able to scroll back 30 days from now!?) We can install and provide it for you too.

If you need a help with the integration of the streaming content to your web site - we will be happy to help you out, including dynamic websites.

Live events - we can help you out with that too. Just during last 2 weeks we've sponsored 2 International Fashion shows, broadcasting them to Pc/Mac and mobile devices Internationally.

We do also provide conversion services. For H.264 conversions we are using hardware accelerators and batch processing, up to 1080p with the highest quality video content!

As you can see we can help you with almost any aspects of streaming (especially LIVE streaming), so, please don't hesitate, get in touch with us with any questions you have. Please don't forget - we can increase revenue for your business just by being the servant behind the scene so that you'll be able to provide live streaming services to your customers and collect big part of the money on monthly bases.

We do operate our data centers by ourselves at 55 Marietta st. (well known is US by being a carrier hotel and access to Telx networks) That gives us access to almost unlimited bandwidth, which probably 99% of other streaming providers or even data centers don't have. Excellent price and an excellent group of experts will help you to build your business and utilize our services smoothly without any problem, including specifically International customers/viewers.

With us you will get an email support, ticket system support, live chat support and PHONE support unlike other companies who provide ONLY email support (and may be ticket support).

Check with us at
EMail - [email protected]
Phone - 1-800-59TULIX

100% customer's satisfaction guaranteed!