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    UK datacenter and local termination, please advise.

    We have a client who would like us to manage a pair of PBX's for them. One needs to be located overseas the other in the USA. Obviously we have the USA side of things handled but would like a recommendation for a reputable datacenter with a VPS product anywhere in the UK. We are also looking for a recommendation for a company who can provide local phone termination in the UK. I'd love to get a few suggestions from those of you who have worked with a datacenter overseas.
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    With regards to VM's, we host quite a number of PBX's and some of our staff used to to work as Asterisk consultants.
    With regards to termination, talk to Magrathea, AQL, Gradwell, Hostcomm, and AAISP.
    Each has their plus's and minuses and there are (obviously) quite a number of other companies that can do trunks for you.

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