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    Thumbs up Web hosts: Watch out for this order

    Hello everyone,

    I thought I'd make this thread about an order we just received that automatically triggered a case with PayPal:

    Email used: [email protected]


    Web hosting account: (most expensive plan)
    Domain registrations:,

    This user also ordered 2 more addons for the total of over $75.


    The reason for making this thread is to warn others that you will receive a fee if you don't manage to remove the invoice before it's paid (with PayPal at least).

    Due to the domains and the fact that kastamns . gov . my shows a warning page from Google I refunded the payment but by that time I already received a cancellation fee from PayPal and was unable to submit my response to the claim during the process. Everything else looked genuine:

    - no bad history from the IP address
    - no bad history from the email address
    - Maxmind passed easily (0.1% score)
    - Genuine address
    - Matching PayPal + signup email

    Hopefully by posting this thread it will be found quickly by any future hosts that are unfortunate enough to receive this order.


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    it's unusuall for them to pass maxmind testing, i've had a few orders that are instantly flagged as fraud and wait to be manually vetted (most are fraud)

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