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    centos server edition

    can i one deliver me a link to download the latest centos to install it on my machine please

    i didn't like to download the 7 CD from centos website for a server installation that need only 300 MB space

    thank you

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    You can just download CD-1, and install with minimum packages (it will not ask for more CDs).
    After installation you will have sshd, so after install you can start cleaning up any unnessary packages.

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    Why don't you download the DVD?
    Or eventually (to make it easy) the Netinstall CD

    Click here for the netinstall CD, x86_64. - Online in no time
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    thank you , is there any version optimized for servers with i386 ?

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    I guess you want the 32bit version of the OS. You'll find the download link on

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    yes 32bit and optimized for servers,
    the version that used when we restore it on our VPSs by hyperVM or SolusVM

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