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    Cluster Question


    actually I have one dedicated server running CentOS + DirectAdmin.

    I would like to order a second server at a different company so build a failsafe cluster.

    Actually, my budget is limited, so I would like to build such a cluster/failsafe system by software. I've seen DNS clustering is possible with Directadmin.

    The main idea is as follows:

    If main server "A" fails, is overloaded or one of his services fails (http/mail/ftp/mysql), secondary server "B" begins to work.
    If "A" works fine, "B" only mirrors contents so that it can be ready if "A" crashes.

    I have no idea where to begin with this. I've found some software that help, but as this is absolutely new to me, before giving a bad step (as server "A" is actually a production server), I would like to get suggestions/comments/experiences... software, process, how this would work etc.


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    Maybe Haproxy is something you are looking for? It's free and I heard good things about it - Online in no time
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    Quote Originally Posted by ServerBoost View Post
    Maybe Haproxy is something you are looking for? It's free and I heard good things about it
    Otherwise something with rsync and a heartbeat monitor.

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