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    Who is best privider

    We are looking for the best provider in the market for two dedicated servers. Our company needs a provider that will eliminate the downtime due to hardware failures. We have selected our current provider based on posts on WHT and the promise of service monitoring, live phone support etc.

    Unfortunately, our current provider is not meeting our customers needs when it comes to reliability and recovery time. So I would like to know who is the best provider.

    We require basic WHM setup with multiple accounts running php/MySQL websites mainly Joomla. We also host our customers emails through cpanel.

    We would like to have a provider with DRP plan and possible load balancer so that when one server goes down that the other server can take over.
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    What kind of hardware setup do you currently have?
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    Hardware redundancy can only be done in multiple servers - you can probably create something cool like a DRBD replication set between the 2..
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    I agree that you need to find a provider that can offer you a load-balanced solution.
    Have you already checked the server offers on this forum? And maybe some reviews of companies you like?

    It never hurts contacting a few companies to see how fast they respond to test their sales and/or support - Online in no time
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    Try ServerGurus, they have a small friendly staff (highly capably) and will be happy to help you with this.

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    Most providers can create a mirror server for you to fail over to, as well as a load balancing solution. As already suggested, I would suggest looking at the offer section and the reviews of your current choices. What you want is completely feasible, and should be an easy find for you. Best of luck!
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    You should take a look at Cloud Based hosting.

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    NAC.NET is one of the best providers I've worked with.
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    Thank you for your responses. We have received a load balancer quote from our current provider. The quote is from 1300 to 2500. I will have to make a tough decision. However, my problem with them is that after having two major issues I lost my faith in their service. I sourced them through feedback on WHT. I will check out the suggested suppliers.
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    You should look closely on what kind of network does a provider have.

    I would recommend also adding raid10 in your server so that if drive failed, you will not lose any data and avoid downtime. Of course, remote backup is very important too.
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    Do you know about hivevelocity?

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