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    Lightbulb Thoughts on Today's Web Hosting Industry?

    I have been a part of the web hosting industry since 2006 and I am wondering how this community feels in regards to the current state of the web hosting industry. Would you say this is a relatively positive time to be in web hosting? What does our future look like and how do you think we can stay ahead of the curve? Essentially, I am seeking your thoughts on the evolution of web hosting and where you think it stands today. I am quite curious to hear any thoughts on the subject. Thank you in advance!
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    We literally just launched our shared hosting division on the weekend after hosting privately for the past year or so. What I find amazing is how redundant and reliable every aspect of web hosting seems to be headed in. It's a far cry from the way things were 10 years ago.

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    I think it is the right time for web hosting industry. A common people who was not more aware about latest technology and the power of web has been familiar with it by getting popularity of Facebook and other networking sites. It open the door for web hosting industry to get new customers. But offering the best services to customers can only help companies to stand in competition.

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    I have been providing web hosting service since 2003. I feel the web hosting industry is increasingly competitive and margins are thinning. If you started in this business before 2008, then it is positive to be in web hosting now because you have likely gained your client base and growing. If you are new, it will be difficult unless you have something special nobody has thought of offering.

    In my opinion, the future is all about big hosting companies and a few small hosting companies offering specialized service or niche market. To stay ahead of the competition, we strive to be more unique and keep costs low while maintaing quality support and server uptime high. My tip sounds generic but it is easier said than done. Good luck!

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    In the future cPanel and WHMCS will be has-beens.

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