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    Since 31th of November 2010 I have a VPS from Netcup and I want to tell people around here that their services are damn good ! Never had a problem with the VPS, works fast, great internet connection & its uptime is 100% !
    I had a CPanel password problem a month ago (forgot the pass, lol) and submit a ticket to be reset ! I've got the reply in couple of minutes, so big up to support crew, you have all my respect !

    I recommend it to the users who are looking for quality services & fast support !

    Once again, big up Netcup crew !

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    Could you submit your url/IP to mods? What virtualization they use ?

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    Glad to know you are a happy client..
    don't forget to report your domain to mods, as its your first post here so might be suspicious for others if you ll not report to staff for approval.

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    thanks for the info ! i've reported the ip to the mods !

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    @Amar: Linux vServer, i think !

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    Netcup is very bad

    This is by far the worst experience I've ever had with
    any company of any sort.
    * Inability to cancel something via the internet that I was able to
    order via the internet. How can I legally enter an agreement over the
    internet but not exit an agreement? That is ludicrous.

    * 74.5 in late fees on a 20.97 bill, for a service that I was
    unaware of being subscribed to. I'm a poor student, I don't have cash
    like that laying around. This means I can't buy course literature in
    time for when the courses start.

    * The service in it self was not very good. Being artificially limited
    to 400KB/s is extremely bad, especially when bandwidth was supposedly

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