One of my friend has the following requirement::

We are Dot com company looking for business associate to grow market in your city/state/country.

We are first growing B2B dot com company based in India and Australia providing service to manufacturer, suppliers, wholesalers etc.

1. Qualification
- Someone who runs business in the local area
- Someone who has the capability to secure investments and human resources
- Someone who has a strong interest in e-commerce, internet, public relations, advertising, and travel
- Someone who has strong ties with a specific industry
- Good Knowledge of Information technologies

2. Business Model
- Establish a corporation as regional center
- Run local e-marketplace
- Develop & manage local language site
- Provide regionally specific services
- Play a role in advertising & publishing
- Trade mediator
- Business Information / Distribution Service
- Business Travel / Exhibition
- Web-Phone / Web-Fax / Real Estate/ Technology / Manpower / Logistics etc

3. Initial Information Request(Answer all possible items)
- Company name, address, fax and telephone number
- Founded date and company history
- Management bios
- Number of employees and company structure
- Capital assets and share holders or Investors
- Current business categories
- Revenue for each business category
- Strategic partnerships
- What information do you have on listed manufacturers or users?
- Experience in general trade
- Experience in Internet business & technology
- Internet Infra & users in your country
- Competitor or Niche player in your country
- Local language
- Business plan & Revenue model
-Initial capital & Schedule

Contact penguinwebsoft[at]gmail[dot]com asap if you are eligible as per above criteria.

Penguin Websoft