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    Exclamation Game Control Panel Discount

    Hi WHT browsers.

    GameCP - a game control panel - has been around for over 7 years and is the longest lasting control panel in the industry.

    Our Game Panel recently released a new version, GameCPX. This version includes many new features and updates to make our game panel fast and easy to use.

    Some of these features include:
    • free game downloads
    • background tasks, you dont have to wait for things to run
    • multiple order system styles
    • portal style index
    • support for over 70 titles
    • support for ts2/3/vent/darkstar & mumble

    Discount Code: WHTPROMO

    For a limited time only use the above discount code when ordering GameCP to save 15% off your purchase (new sign-ups only) - this savings is recurring and will last as long as your product is active.

    Find out prices and more information on our website.

    Thanks for your time.
    -- William Bowman
    -- Owner &

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    Thanks! but no have discount? WHY

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    The coupon is for new sign-ups only.

    If you have problems using it - contact our support department.
    -- William Bowman
    -- Owner &

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    Where do you get your games from? And can I add my own?


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    We get games from steam and the manufactures web-site.

    You can add any game you want with this game panel, we support 70+ configurations by default, you can add over 140 games with query status and an unlimited amount of services to be queried with generic forms of tcp or udp querys.
    -- William Bowman
    -- Owner &

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