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    video encoding script?

    i've tried fiddle with ffmpeg, but it gets pretty annoying to look up on a command code and type it in for every videofiles that i upload.
    so i am just wondering if there is any video encoding script thats out there? like or pandastream,
    even vimeo does the converting job quiet well. i did also bought codecanyon's php+ffmpeg converter but the whole script gets broken once i make little changes in the converting command line.

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    Have a look at this one:

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    thanks for the reply, i just skimed through the site but it looks like the script still requires to manually type in ffmpeg commands?

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    Take a look at Mac/PC version of "handbrake". Online service Mac also has HD (or non HD) Turbo 264 with hardware accelerator. Not sure which formats do you need. VLC (multiplatform) could be used too, especially for live streaming.
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    thanks for the reply, i am was looking for someting like server-side encoder. so it can be upload to server (avi or mp4)> transcode > stream in mp4/h264.

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