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    make the site: PCI compliance

    Our client has got a server that need to be PCI compliance. Price is $25. Please pm if you would like to take the job.

    This is the problem:
    # - 11
    System Responds to SYN+FIN
    TCP Packets
    This device responded to a TCP packet with both the SYN and FIN
    bits set. Such packets do not occur in typical network traffic, but can
    be used by attackers to bypass the security rules configured in nonstateful
    firewalls and establish connections with protected hosts.
    CVSSv2: AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:N (基本得分:0.00)

    Verify that stateful inspection has been implemented on the network
    to protect this host from out-of-state attacks. Confirm with your vendor
    that there are no known rule-bypass concerns with this device, and that
    the software revision is current. You may additionally wish to create
    specific filtering rules designed to drop or reject packets with certain
    combinations of bits set in initial synchronization packets such as SYN/
    FIN, and SYN/RST. Do not use routable IP space internally, except
    within your DMZ.


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    Are you kidding, right? That CERT alert is 7 years old, at least. Probably all distributions fixed that bug long time ago. Linux/AIX System Management services

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    If you still need help with this then please visit or drop in an email at support [at] servermascot [dot] com.

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    Are you still looking for some one to do this. Please reply back if you are interested.
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