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    EU VAT Applications.


    I would like to ask you, dear WHT users a question.
    If someone is to run a company in EU ( Poland ) and as of now the VAT here is right now 23% do people outisde of EU need to pay it ?
    I'm not really sure about the point above, therefore I'd like to hear from someone who is certain to answer my query. I'm in doubt because I have seen some UK Hosting companies that do not charge VAT to US residents or any other outside of EU.


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    Generally no. Also companies within the EU but outside Poland who are customers and can provide a valid VAT number also are not subject to VAT.

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    First of all are you VAT registered? If not. Do you want to voluntarily VAT register or (at least here in the UK) turnover 60,000+/year. In which case you have to register yourself.

    The general rule of thumb is. Any company in the EEA region you have to charge VAT (including Switzerland). Unless they provide a valid VAT number. In which case you zero rate the VAT. Any company outside the EEA area. You do not charge VAT.
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