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    * ★★★XEN VPS at $4★★★20GB/512MB VPS $6/m 40GB/1GB VPS for $12/m!! DEDICATED resources!!

    Hello WHT!

    We at CurlHost are back with the Xen VPS specials exclusive to WHT!

    Just like last time, we have this deal available at two locations -- Seattle and Scranton

    Included with each server:
    +Dedicated resources using Xen PV virtualization platform!
    +Full root access
    +Choice of Location
    +1 Dedicated IP
    +100Mbit port
    +SolusVM Administration Panel
    +FREE OS Reloads
    +FREE Reboots
    +FREE rDNS
    +Quick Setup!

    Again, these are Xen PV VPS. There is no overselling and you would have all resources available exclusively for your VPS to use--24/7!

    10GB Disk Space
    256MB Dedicated RAM
    256MB SWAP
    250GB Transfer
    Scranton - [[Order Here]]
    Seattle - [[Order Here]]

    20GB Disk Space
    512MB Dedicated RAM
    512MB SWAP
    500GB Transfer
    Scranton -[[Order Here]]
    Seattle - [[Order Here]] (+$0.5)

    40GB Disk Space
    1024MB Dedicated RAM
    1024MB SWAP
    1000GB Transfer
    Scranton - [[Order Here]]
    Seattle - [[Order Here]]

    Following OS are available:
    CentOS 5
    Debian 5
    Fedora 11,12,13
    Ubuntu 9.04, 10.04, 10.10
    (All templates boot from their own kernel so you may also boot any kernel of your choice )

    Additional IP Addresses are $1.5/m/IP

    We also do Xen HVM, just ask!

    Please drop us an email or reply to this thread in case of any questions. We can be reached at [email protected]

    Thanks for looking!
    CurlHost - Affordable VPS/Dedicated Servers!
    Multiple Locations! We're right beside you!

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    Any test IP?

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    Does these Xen-pv vps support for cloudlinux?
    Thank you.

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    Uhh, I don't see this deal on your website. At least 2 of your links are busted. I don't see seattle as a possible datacenter.
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    Portland Internet Hosting Co. LLC | 100% privately owned
    In business over 10 years. :. VPS :. Dedicated :. Shared :. VPN .:

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    Please check invoice #853. Thanks

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    No XEN VPS ? ((

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    I click the link and the pop-up window shows "This Connection is Untrusted",can I proceed with my purchase operation?

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