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    How to Add a Captcha to My Site ?

    Could anyone help me on how to add captcha to my website?
    I have been tried to do it myself many times but felt I need your help.
    Please help me out. Thanks!

    php captcha

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    You'll need a basic understanding on PHP GD and session handling. I found this on google, it's really easy to follow:

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    CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". The idea is to create a test that any human can pass easily but computer programs will fail.

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    Hi, maybe with google re-captcha you could do it, you just need register for an api key and you can find examples in php to get work it in your web.

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    This is a great resource. As spammers get more and more diligent in scanning blogs this becomes more and more necessary.

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    Thanks for your great post… But I’m seeking and still can’t see how to put captcha before publish post, I have seen this some sites but can’t find the plugin. All of them almost the same to prevent auto comment, registration.

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    I think this all means that the terrorists have won.

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    As you stated that you want a captcha before a post, i think you are using wordpress. There is a plugin available for reCaptcha the famous captcha service. Otherwise you can go to the same site and look for a no of php examples which will teach you the Captcha integration. Do tell if more help is needed.

    As in the above post you stated that you can not find the plugin, so if again i guess you are using wordpress . the plugin can be found here


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    if you need to add capcha, you can refer this links

    you can download the sample scripts below and embed the code in to your page. I have used this code several times , I did not find any issue with this . I hope this will help you lot

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