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    Question Migration of Xen VPS


    I had a dedicated node running Xen virtualization. I had 7-8 VPS's running on it. Now due to some financial issues, I need to get that node shutdown.
    But I still have 3 Xen VPS's running on that node which are very much required. I can't afford a dedicated node now. I need to just get these VPS's migrated to some other place as independent VPS's.

    Can any one guide me how can I do this?


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    Your best bet is going to be re installing the VPS's with another provider, unless you can find a provider to migrate them for you.

    Good luck.

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    You're going to have to migrate them manually. What control panel are you using?

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    How manually?

    How can i do it manually without having access to the new node but only to new VPS's?

    Also, there is no control panel. One is running liferay app and one is ubuntu RDP VPS.

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    I'd suggest using rsync to basically rsync most of the filesystem off and onto the new VPS. Of course, this is complicated by the fact it's Xen and thus is fussy. My suggestion would probably be to find a host using KVM-based hosting (We do it, loads of other people do it) that wouldn't be quite so fussy about the kernel. If you explain your situation to a hosting provider with decent support, they should suggest an installation path for you.

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    Contact the VPS provider you want and ask them if they can migrate it for you. It shouldn't be a problem to migrate the VPS when the virtualization technology is the same.
    Regards, [NL] based hosting
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