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    recommendation for per U colocation


    Could you please recommend me per U colocation in a disaster free region.

    We are currently with Quadranet and we are very happy with their service. Everyone I have met there was very helpful. They will do beyond what is expected just to satisfy the client. However unfortunately at this moment they do not offer per U colocation in their Dallas datacenter.

    I am looking for the following things:

    - good peering with quadranet ( this will be needed for backups.)

    - company with a good reputation here at WHT

    - a company that knows how to deal with DMCA and trademark infringements notifications. We operate a small-medium size website (> 100,000 unique visitors per day) and we receive these notices on a daily basis. Most of the times they come straight to us but sometimes they are sent to our bandwidth provider too. We are looking for a company that will not threaten to shut us down. Quadranet is very understanding in these situations. I think they have lots of large clients with high trafficked websites with user generated content. They always forward these notices to us so we can address them promptly.

    Thank you.

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    You could try going through someone who has a cabinet in the same datacenter ?
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    I think this would be more or less impossible due to contradicting requirements:

    a) You want them to have good peering with quadranet (that is very local to LAX and One Wilshire) and at the same time you want it to be outside of California. That needs to have some costly transport hired/involved and that jacks up the price.
    b) You want per-U colo, that either means you don't want to spend some extra money on rackspace or power; or that you are trying to save as much money as possible (also judging by your post history). This conflicts also with item (a) since whomever has a direct connection to QN will have also an extra premium for that (in order to pay for transport).
    c) If you also use only a couple of Us, chances are you don't use too much (or a "relevant" amount) of bandwidth, or aren't prepared to cover for the costs of the transport and peering port to QN, or aren't prepared to pay the extra premiums.
    d) The nature of your DMCAs adds an additional burden to you of being a customer that demands support and human-handling of tickets on a recurrent basis more than the average joe, which also adds a premium (and lowers revenue) to your pricing.

    Review your requirements.

    That said, my original post's recommendation is to get someone who sells colo by the U at inside PhoenixNAP and is not crazy-lunatic about DMCAs (I don't know Gabe/IOFlood's policy regarding this, but he may be worth the shot). It's not a long distance from QN (geographically and network-wise), and they share more than one common carrier (H.E. and probably some other else via nLayer or direct peering), diminishing the latency between both places.

    My 2 cents.

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    Pittsburgh /North Eastern US is an ideal location for a disaster free data centers because it is not susceptible to the majority of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis.
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    Las Vegas is also a popular choice for disaster-free alternatives to southern California, and is also a bit closer to LA resulting in marginally better latency in most cases (2-3 ms).

    You didn't mention anything about your desired budget, which would probably be useful info if you are looking for specific recommendations.

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    Thank you for all recommendations. I really appreciate your help.

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