Test-drive an Akliz virtual server free for 7-days. Included are superb hardware, premium bandwidth, and thoughtful support. We can help you setup your websites and applications so that you can see how they perform, and when you're ready, help you make the final switch.

Plans start from $16.99:

  • 512 MB RAM, 16 GB storage, and 75 GB premium Internap bandwidth
  • Xen 4 virtual CPUs
  • Supports Linux and Windows OSs
  • Independent public and private networks

And are scalable up to:

  • 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, and 1.2 TB bandwidth.
  • You can also add additional storage and bandwidth anytime.

To learn about the trial, visit www.akliz.net/dedicated-system/trial.
To order now, visit www.akliz.net/order/vd.

About Akliz
Akliz hosting is ready to perform. Our virtual and dedicated servers are designed for 100% uptime and speedy service. Also included is thoughtful American support that cares. Since we have started in 2006, many of our original clients remain with us and are growing.

We increase uptime and performance by using server-grade hardware and premium networks. Our servers have ECC memory, fast RAID 10 local storage, redundant power supplies, and remote management. Servers are connected to the Internet with Internap bandwidth. A route optimizer that is compulsive about improving performance constantly cherry picks the best routes from six network providers. We continuously monitor the performance of our servers and networks to avoid downtime and bottlenecks.

We are passionate about support and customer service. Our support aims to provide quick and thoughtful resolutions to your inquiries. We take your projects as our own to provide personalized advice. Many of us have experience with popular software packages and programming languages, which means that you’ll most likely get a response to your late night PHP configuration question before you can get one from anywhere else.

To learn more about the company, visit www.akliz.net.