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    Im looking for a cheap and reliable Windows VPS

    I'm new to here, I need a Windows VPS for proxy server. Any suggestion?

    Thank you for incoming advice.

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    Any advice please.

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    1 gb or 2 gb ram , high bw
    Any location based requirements?
    may i ask it will Private use?

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    1gb ram should be enough for me,
    i want a US data center, and it is for private use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loplopkop View Post
    I'm new to here, I need a Windows VPS for proxy server. Any suggestion?

    Thank you for incoming advice.

    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk! Glad to see you are with us.

    One of the best features of this forum is the place where providers get to advertise their current specials. Often times, the special posts are offers only offered to Web Hosting Talk (WHT) members.

    Here is the link for the VPS section:

    All other Web Hosting Offers are here:

    Something to keep in mind - providers cannot offer you a price here... they can only recommend other providers based on their experience with them.

    Providing specifications such as RAM, Hard drive space, bandwidth, location and operating system requirements will help others recommend a particular service provider.

    See ya around!
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    Your best bet is to check the VPS offers section here listed in this community as you will be able to find the best deals and discounts the company is offering at this time and then you can then search about them with the search function to find a review about them.

    Can you please provide more details / specs / budget / location of the Windows VPS you are looking for?

    I have heard great thing's about They even include there own control panel to manage Windows and/or Linux Virtual Servers that they offer.
    FusionNET Solutions
    OpenVZ & XEN VPS available in US & UK.
    IRC & Adult Allowed, RDNS Control, 24/7 Helpdesk, VPN Ready, Native IPv6 Ready!

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