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    Need someone to install xen/windows


    I have tried myself but spent 10 hours failing bad.
    I need someone to install on my dedi xen on centOS with 2 windows server VPS on top of it. I have iso to provide etc.

    The problem is you need to use nat routing apparently as the company filters mac addresses.

    If you can do this please contact me i am willing to pay upto $20 or $30 if you can explain to me how it was done

    please reply here


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    I can do it for you. Please check the PM.

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    Xen windows guest is fully installed. I only have issue with incoming network eg remote desktop.

    external connections from within windows guest work fine just need to get incoming working now if anyone can help thanks

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    If you still need help with this then please visit or drop in an email at support [at] servermascot [dot] com.

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    We have received your request. We will follow up from there. Also, we have sent you another PM regarding this.

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