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    * [ASK] Need recommendation for a VPS to run python/nosql

    I finally decided to work on a few ideas I have and learn to work with systems in the process.

    I was thinking of using nginx + Python for a webapp and possibly use a NoSQL solution like Redis or a standard database like Postgres. OS - CentOS 5.5

    I was looking to sign up for a VPS provider that has a good track record and provides good I/O speeds + port speed + uptime... I know I'm looking for too much at a limited budget of around 5$ per month (but i'm just starting out and want to learn sys-admining / sys-optimizing before I spend good money on a bigger, better solution).

    What would you recommend out of the following options?

    BuyVM (seems like they'll have stock in April)

    123Systems (i read a few negative comments on lowendbox about their uptime/ speeds)




    which one would you recommend? They all seem to have a decent package for 4-6$ a month.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Go with either BuyVM or, and personally I do not recommend the last one you mentioned.

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    Thanks. Any idea how the XEn hosting at Kazila is?!

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    You can also choose semo web but your budget is extra ordinary low.

    you could atleast raise it to $10/month so that you can get some quality as well

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    Semo does have 2-3 plans from 3.50 - 6$ a month in the offers section.

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