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Thread: Plesk 9 or 10

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    Plesk 9 or 10

    I have several dedicated servers onto which I need to upgrade Plesk for Linux. I've read many mixed reviews on Plesk 10.

    Should I go with the more stable Plesk 9.5 or stay absolutely current? It seems that Plesk 10 has a lot of new features but I am more concerned with fewer problems and better stability. The thing is this, one doesn't usually hear that everything is going great! We seem to hear when the stuff hits the fan.

    So bottom line, which is the better choice at this time?
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    I would say plesk 10 you get more for your money they have introduced alot of upgrades.

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    But the question is stability. Most of the reports I've read are complaints regarding Plesk 10 failures. As I mentioned, people don't usually start threads of praise

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    do not upgrade


    Did you upgrade your plesk to 10 ?
    Plesk 10 under Windows has many many problems and I disappointed and unfortunately there is no way to downgrade to 9.5
    If you have experiences please share it with me.


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    We went with Plesk 10 on our newer servers and have had no major issues... We did have to get some work done for fixing a CF DSN permission thing but apart from that Plesk 10 has worked out well.

    We have used Plesk 9 & 9.5 and found them slower than 10, looks like they have improved a lot of the systems in the code!

    Look forward to hearing others experiences of Plesk

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    plesk 10


    Yes new skin is better but these are issues that I've faced since I've upgraded to plesk 10 :

    1-I spent a lot of time to describe our reseller about what's domain or subscriber and where is database or .net settings or .... So I re-create all online help document
    2- most of domains which suspended because of over usage could not active again via control panel. I should login into server and use this command to active them again "domain --webspace-on".
    3- Plesk 9 has a feature called modify in list of domain to bulk changes websites features such as webmail type or php version
    4- Also check permission is missing. I've got some problems about permission that with this button I resolved it.
    5- another missing feature is summary and full report. all technical staffs of our company check this section and send a full report for users about each mailbox usage or databases but new plesk has only a statistics report which is useless and give us a general report

    I had a plan to upgrade my plesk 9.5 under linux to 10 (because of multi ftp account)but I regret completely. I wish new versions come with better features and the fixed bugs

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    Skin is better? I personally preferred 9.5 to 10 skin wise.
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