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    Question on WebHost Manager and load averages

    Sometimes I experience my site loading rather slowly and was wondering if they may be overselling the server I'm on. The load averages right now are 2.97 3.33 4.23 and that's with 3 Xeon 2.40GHz processors. The load averages are consistently in the mid 10s during the week.

    From what I understand, the 3 values represent 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minute load averages. For a server with just 1 processor, a load average of 1 means it is loaded all the time. So in my case, my server is loaded all the time even on a slow Sunday afternoon since the value is at 3 or higher and the server has 3 processors?

    Is this cause for concern and probably why I notice my forums load slowly quite often?

    EDIT: I just looked at the load average again and it bumped up to 7.02 5.16 4.53

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    You should probably contact your host. Your understanding is correct - generally, the load should not go above the number of CPUs the system has.

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    Andrew10987 in my experience I have seen this on many servers this could be do to a few things.

    1. Over crowding on the server.
    2. mysql is another.

    Shared servers have this issue all the time you may want to contact your provider and see what they can do.

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    Yeah, I guess you must contact your host at any point with such issues. Also, check out the geo-location of your servers. It is very much possible that you are far from your hosting server, to get such timings.
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