Hi! Hope I can get some help... having trouble wrapping my head around this one

I have 2 VPS's... one is running the full WHM control panel (ns1.domain1.com), the other is running the DNS Only cpanel (ns2.domain1.com).

I have about 10 domains. I host domains in my nameservers for friends, but I wanted it so that when someone did a whois on their site, it doesn't show my nameservers, instead, it will show their domains nameserver (ns1.domain2.com and ns2.domain2.com). So I want to put 2 different nameservers on my two VPSs, but share the same IP so I don't have to pay for additional Ips.

1. On the full WHM I enabled under tweak settings "Allow nameserver sharing", but there isn't such an option under Cpanel DNS Only - is that a concern?

2. To implement this, I have to create two A records under domain2 pointing to VPS1 IP (ns1.domain2.com) and VPS2 IP (ns2.domain2.com) right? (and the person has to register those nameservers in their domain manager under godaddy). Is that all? Do I need to set the NS record for the domain2.com DNS entry to ns1.domain2.com and ns2.domain2.com still?

Is there anything else I need to do?

Thanks in Advance!